By Leslie Ash
Staff reporter

A city like New York with a great variety of culture and arts is about to get even more diverse with Southwestern students.

“New York City is really the capital or center of United States as far as the art scene.There’s art across the country, but really the top level we know theater Broadway, off Broadway certainly, opera and ballet. The culture there in art is so dynamic and important to students not only know how to access it, but be able to do it,” said Roger Moon, associate professor of theatre and speech.

From May 12 to 21, SC students have the opportunity to go New York City. The trip will cost $2400 for SC students. This covers transportation, full time tour guide, room, food and up to 10 theater tickets.

The trip will not only be entertaining but also be educational about events and city life.

“I hope to learn more about city living. I’ve been looking at graduate program, because after next year I would like to get into a graduate program. Also I would like to see if I can get on the East Coast and New York is one of those many states,” said Stephanie Wilson, English junio.

When students arrive in the city they will have the opportunity to buy their tickets to any show.

Moon said, “I have never bought a ticket before I went and I’ve always seen everything that I’ve went to see and shows that were supposedly sold out I’ve gotten into.

What that means is students aren’t so over whelmed by the cost and are able to realize that this expensive place can be done and come out feeling like if they can do it there they can do it anywhere,” he said.

Students will be able to see shows on Broadway, off Broadway, Metropolitan Opera, American Ballet, back stage tours, meeting with actors, stage managers and get connections.

Wilson said, “I’d like to see ‘Jersey Boy’ about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. I used to listen to their CDs with my mom and dad. Then when I heard there was a musical about them I’ve wanted to see it ever since,” she said.

Students will also have the opportunity as a full group to decide on what tourist site to see together and what sites to split up into smaller group.

Moon said the group will attempt to travel to some of these locations: Battery Park, The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Harlem heights, the Bronxs, Queens, Times Square, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Twin Tower rebuilding memorial, library, Empire state Building. “We can’t go to everything because it’s such a big city,” he said.

“I would like to go see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, because that’s where my ancestor came through when they immigrated. I really want to go to Chinatown, I’ve never been to Chinatown and I would like to experience it,” said Wilson.

The trip will not only be an opportunity to learn about New York, but also break down stereotypes of the city.

“I hope they are enabled to realize that. If I can do it there I can do it anywhere, it’s safe,” said Moon.

Leslie Bowdich is a senior majoring in Communications you may email her at

Edited by Alejandra Rojas