By Clinton Dick
Staff reporter

A close group of friends have the ability to accomplish a lot in the long run. A sorority that is forming on campus hopes this works as they continue to make progress in becoming an organization.

Anastasia Prokopis, business marketing sophomore, says that the original idea to start a sorority came from her experiences last year at Southwestern.

“Last year it was mentioned and I heard a lot of girls say that they wanted one,” said Prokopis. “No one was willing to take the initiative, so this year we got a group of girls together.”

As of now, there are approximately 10 members. They meet every Thursday at 5:30 in the Pounds Lounge. Prokopis says that the meetings have been efficient as of now.

“At first, the meetings were just getting to know members in the group,” said Prokopis. “Now, we are focusing on establishing bylaws and choosing a sorority.”

While it takes approximately a year to colonize with a national sorority, the organization has been successful in setting their goals.

“Getting it actually colonized and established on campus is our long term goal,” said Prokopis. “We want to set up as an organization and be recognized as an SGA organization by next fall.”

Those involved with getting the group grounded know that a lot of hard work awaits them.

“We are going to have to fill out some paperwork of course,” said Prokopis. “We are also meeting with the administration as well to pitch them the idea.”

They have not been alone, though. Members of Phi Delta Theta fraternity have shown their support by helping the women understand Greek life.

“Having Phi Delts at the meetings is nice because it shows support on campus,” said Prokopis. “It is nice when they pass by us and stop to ask if we need any help on anything. That really reminds us that people want to see results.

Ryan Wheeler, Chapter Advisory Board Chairman for Phi Delta Theta Kansas Zeta, thinks that it is great to see the interest in Greek life that the women have.

“They are bringing a group of people who are in a joint effort to create a common end,” said Wheeler. “Just like the Phi Delts, or the Leadership Team or the Discipleship Team. They are going to band together and that is when it is not only to better themselves, but the campus and the community as well.”

Wheeler graduated from Southwestern in 2001 and was a member of Phi Delta Theta. He recalls the Betas, who were the only sorority on campus back then and the good relationship the two organizations had.

“We did a lot of stuff together,” said Wheeler. “We held a winter formal before Christmas break in White PE and we also did a lot of socials together like watch Monday Night Football every week. It was nice to have another Greek organization on campus that knew what we were going through and that we could relate to.”

“They are forming not only a sisterhood within SC, but within a national sorority as well,” said Wheeler.

Prokopis agrees. “The friendships and the bonds you get out of it is a huge benefit.”

Clinton Dick is a sophomore majoring in convergent journalism. You may e-mail him at

Edited by Inger Furholt.