By Taylor Forrest
Staff reporter

When looking up the 77 steps that lead to the Christy Administration Building, one can sense the tradition and pride that surrounds and envelopes the entire area. The Christy Building was first known as the Richardson Administration Building in 1908. After, a fire it was later renovated and renamed the Christy Building in 1956. The building, although tried in years and destructive forces, is a relic in itself that stands erected on the campus of Southwestern College. Despite Christy being more than 100 years old, something new and youthful is taking place in the basement of the ancient building.

1st Class, previously known as the Student Success Center, is being newly renovated in the lower north end of the Christy Building. Students can receive educational assistance from their peers. The student mentors are undergoing a National Tutor Certification Program to ensure that they will be readily capable to perform their best in assistance. These tutors will be providing aid in the subjects of English, math, writing, and reading. On top of these regular subjects being covered, tutors will also help to develop studying skills, reading habits, and test-taking strategies.

Bobbi Erdmann, associate academic vice president for advising and student success, and Marcia Stoesz, director of quantitative literacy center, are in charge of the newly founded 1st Class Center. Their goal is to create a vibrant, friendly and helpful center where students want to be. They hope for 1st Class to be the opposite of a dreary “homework help center.” The center itself is based around the needs of students, yet Erdmann would like to build the reputation of the center so faculty feel confident in referring students to the center. The center will be opening its doors Sept. 2 for any student who requires assistance or support in their studies.

The 1st Class Center, although new, already has goals and standards set in place by its staff. The Center wants to support retention efforts. Erdmann said, “Ultimately, the goal of 1st Class is to support students to be academically successful in everything that they do.” The center has been renovated and equipped with the tools required for success. Yet despite all of this, to ensure 1st Class’ success, students must first exercise their right to visit and put to use this new founded tool to ensure their own personal endeavors of success.

Taylor Forrest is a freshman majoring in communications. You may email her at