By Taylor Forrest
Staff reporter

At the beginning of the Winfield City Commission meeting, Mayor Merrill K. Gordon called the meeting to order. By the end of the meeting, Gordon was sitting with the public and found the gavel in another’s hands.

The Winfield City Commission consists of three Commissioners, who elect one Commissioner as Mayor for the next year. General elections are held every odd year and after two years as residing Mayor, Gordon stepped down from the Commission during the April 20 meeting.

The Commission met at 5:30 p.m., April 20 in the Community Council Room in City Hall.

To start off the meeting, Commissioner Gregory N. Thompson presented a plaque to Gordon dedicating his service to the city. After the presentation was received, there was a small break in the meeting and a reception was held in Gordon’s honor.

Cake was passed around and pleasantries exchanged, but business ensued with Commissioner Thompson nominating Commissioner Beth R. Wilke, whom was absent, as Mayor. Along with Wilke taking over the responsibility as Mayor, a new Commissioner was introduced.

Brenda K. Butters swore in for a two year term, while Thompson re-swore in for a four year term. Butters was also given the responsibility as presiding officer in the case that Wilke is unable to continue her responsibility as Mayor or is absent.

The term limits in the Winfield City Commission are determined by votes received from the public. The Commissioner that receives the most votes is given the longer term and the shorter term is given to the Commissioner who received the lesser votes.

Along with the deviation and reestablishment of terms, four properties were presented to the Commission to deliberate on their condemnation. The four properties considered were:

  • 317 W. 8th Ave.
  • 1601 Menor Street
  • 1513 Mansfield
  • 604 E. 4th Avenue

All four properties were given 90 days to remove or repair the property before being declared condemned by the Commission.

Taylor Forrest is a freshman majoring in communication. You may email her at