By Chandler Hall
Staff reporter

Days of beautiful weather have been cut short way too often.

Curtis Rylant, business junior, said, “There’s been multiple times this year where we had to stop playing volleyball because it got too dark outside. So, it would give us all the time we wanted to play volleyball and use the court.”

The volleyball court located behind the Reid apartment building is widely used.

But only during the day, because there are no lights for the court.

Logan Wepler, biology senior, organizes volleyball games on the weekends for his group of friends and welcomes anyone that wants to play.

Wepler sees the potential in having lights for the volleyball court.

“We could play on weeknights later in the day, instead of only doing mid-days, when people are free, so you’d have more time to play and more people would play,” said Wepler. “I think we could have intramural volleyball or even a sand volleyball club that could start up.”

Rylant said he wants to start a sand volleyball club and the addition of lights would give the club an extra couple of hours at night to play.

The possibility for lights to be added to the volleyball court is not far off.

Kristen Humphreys, associate vice president for business services, said, “We could consider it. We’re looking at some lighting across campus anyways, so we probably would put it under that analysis to see what is needed where. It also would depend on the cost too.”

The process of having lights put in comes with weighing the need for the lights against where other lights are needed and how much electric work would have to be done.

“It depends on what is already out there as far as electric. I know for some areas we would have to have the city come in and do some rewiring or adding different electric post,” said Humphreys. “Obviously, if there are areas that would we want to put in lighting that were for safety reasons verses something like that, we’d weigh that.”

The process of weighing and waiting is in progress and students like Wepler and Rylant are hopeful to see lights added, so they can continue to build up the community.