By Lenita Krejci
Staff reporter

Movie nights. Book club. Poetry club. Nerf gun wars. Sigma Tau Delta hopes to promote the study and appreciation of literature in all forms.

One of the founding members, John Badley, English and philosophy & religious studies senior, said, “I don’t even remember how I heard about it, but ever since I got to college here I’ve been wanting to get it started. I wanted to be a part of Pi Gamma Mu, but since I’m not really a social science major, I was looking for something that I could do. I prodded people a lot and I did the research to figure out how we could do it and did the paper work and printed out the paper work and handed it to John [Scaggs]. I, with Stacy Harkness, really got it up and going.”

This is not however the first time that Sigma Tau Delta has had a chapter at Southwestern College. Badley said, “This is the first time it’s been revived, I think it started and ended in like a two to three year period in the 80’s.”

So what does Sigma Tau Delta hope to convey to this campus?

John Scaggs, associate professor of English, is a faculty advisor of Sigma Tau Delta. Scaggs said, “Reading shouldn’t be viewed as a chore, it’s fun and you can do a lot of things that can do for fun out of literature.”

Members of Sigma Tau Delta, must be undergraduates, have taken a minimum of two college English courses beyond that of freshman requirement, have a B average in English and in general scholarship (3.0 GPA), be ranked in the highest 35 percent of their class, and have completed at least three semesters or five quarters of college course work.

Stacy Harkness, English senior, said, “It looks intimidating and scary, but once you get into English classes and meet the teachers you realize that it’s not so bad and the teachers are there to help you do better work. The teachers encourage you without fault.”

Currently the chapter has eight members, six students and two faculty advisors, however they are hoping to expand soon.

Nikki Prokopis, English senior, said, “Finding literature you like is part of the process, but once you find literature you enjoy, it’s worth it. And you’re not always going to like everything you read, and that shouldn’t get you down.”

Although initially Sigma Tau Delta may sound like your traditional book club, it’s not. Harkness said, “It’s not just another group where we don’t do anything, but that we do a lot of fun things.”

Lenita Krejci is a senior majoring in speech and theatre education and musical theatre production. You may e-mail her at