By Inger Furholt
Staff reporter

When one thinks of musicals, famous Broadway plays such as “Cats,” “Wicked,” and “The Phantom of the Opera” come to mind. However, there are many new musicals out there that are yet to be seen by an audience.

This semester, the theater department is putting together a musical known as “Myths
And Hymns.” The play hasn’t been performed in this part of the state. Auditions took place Sept. 7-8.

Roger Moon, associate professor of theatre and speech, said that “‘Myths and Hymns” is a
new musical by Adam Guettel.

“‘Myths and Hymns’ was first performed in 1998,” said Moon. “This musical has almost never been done before. It is a complex piece with beautiful and challenging music.”

The 19-song-cycle long musical theater contains many different types of musical genres with different stories. “The musical is about humans’ need to understand our place in the bigger picture,” said Moon. “It recognizes that something is missing.”

The theater department arranges a musical every year. Last year “Urine Town” was performed, and the story behind it was about how life really is, so the two musicals are quite different from each other when it comes to content, according to Moon.

Cody Davis, music education and theater performance senior, auditioned for “Myths and Hymns” on Sept. 8, before the audition Davis said, “I am absolutely terrified because of the difficulty of the music.”

Before the performance of “Myths and Hymns” the theater department offers “Fools on the Hill” Sept. 30 followed by 9-Lives Laughatorium and Good times Improv Comedy Troupe, on Oct. 8, and the “Norman Conquests: Trilogy.” The show will be run between Oct. 11-16, and Oct. 18.
“Myths and Hymns” will be performed in the little theater in the basement of Christy. the musical will be open for audience on Nov. 12, and be continued playing until Nov. 15. The show will be a dinner theater musical. Both students and community have the availability to attend.

Inger Marie Furholt is a junior majoring in convergent journalism. You may e-mail her at