By Kacey Stout
Staff reporter

Baseball is her favorite sport and the Kansas City Royals are her team. She also fancies a good tennis match.

She can be found enjoying the eloquent sonorous music of opera or getting her hands dirty in the backyard tending to her flowers.
These are the hobbies of Marcia Stoesz, instructor of mathematics.

Stoesz was an instructor of mathematics at Hutchinson Community College and she has brought her talents to Southwestern.

Her master degree in statistical sciences from Southern Methodist University in Texas has given her the golden ticket to mold the minds of many students, varying from elementary level all the way to the college level.

Stoesz always enjoyed math. When the school systems introduced “New Math”, which is the modern day algebra, it made her even more intrigued.

“I thought it was the coolest thing that has ever happened,” said

Stoesz took a break after two and a half years venturing off to Eureka, Calif. to save the world managing a house of hospitality. She returned to finish school and finish her masters.

She became involved with the U.S Mennonite Central Committee on anti-racism. What started as a favor by attending a two-day training, turned into a lifestyle change. It changed her perception on viewing situations and she was glad she took that opportunity.

“The more experiences I had had, made more sense the reactions people may have had with the choices I make,” said Stoesz.

She took a cross country drive to California for a family reunion over the summer. She traveled with her older sister visiting the Grand Canyon and many locations on the way.

Her goal as an instructor is to leave the pupil with a sense of understanding math which can be approached in everyday life.

Kacey Stout is a junior majoring in communication. You may email him at