By Jacob Jimmerson
Staff reporter

Excitement has spread across the campus as a new head football coach has been announced. Brad Griffin will be the new coach after Ken Crandall’s departure. He is going to be coaching the team starting this spring.

Brad Griffin was the defensive coordinator at William Penn University and has just completed his tenth season there. This will be his first time as a head coach.

Faculty athletic representative Edward Loeb was looking for some certain traits in a new coach. “Personally I was looking for someone with a strong academic philosophy, who believed what they were saying and demonstrated it. I think he embodies this well and has a lot of well-developed ideas that just need to be implemented,” said Loeb.

Dan Falk, the Dean of Students, was also looking for some certain traits. “As a Dean of Students, my primary interest is bringing in student athletes who have the ability to graduate. I think that he brings a mentality to the table to only find players that are going to come to the program that have this ability,” said Falk.

Dave Denly, Director of Athletics wanted a change of culture as well. “I wanted someone to bring new energy to the program and bring a good core value system here as well. Someone who’s values would include hard work, discipline and a vision of the future. I believe that he brings this to our program,” said Denly.

Griffin is a young coach with a lot of tenacity. “He is young, energetic and looking to prove himself. His hunger for this will drive him to success and will do things in the right way to accomplish this,” said Loeb.

Denly hopes for change on the field. “I hope that there are a lot of changes. There will be a whole new offense and defensive system to the team and he will require a lot of pride and commitment to play for him,” said Denly.

Falk expects immediate changes to occur. “Griffin understands recruiting students to fit a small community. He will bring unquestioned toughness to the program and will make student-athletes mentally and physically stronger. This toughness will change through the weight room, class room and on the practice field,” said Falk.

Falk wanted to look at the turnaround for the program in two ways. “There is going to be an immediate culture change. You will notice this in the spring, when they start to practice and lift more. But, the wins might not come immediately. This turnaround will take some time and patience,” said Falk.

The choice to bring in Griffin was a unanimous choice. “The process took a while. But, we all agreed that he was the man to get the job done here. He’s a great fit for the team and the community as well,” said Denly.

Griffin comes in with a lot of work to do. “He is working on building a staff already. He is going to get to know the coaches that are here already, but has some spots to fill that were vacated,” said Denly.

Griffin will bring a new identity for the program. “He put up great numbers at William Penn University as their defensive coordinator. He is going to want to run the ball on offense and control the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. He will bring a physical team out on Saturdays,” said Denly.

Jacob Jimmerson is a sophomore majoring in Communication. You may email him at