By Alejandra Rojas
Staff reporter

Five new majors have been added this semester to help build opportunities for students on campus.

The new majors are: professional communications, theatre/interdisciplinary studies, middle level mathematics education, music performance & physical performance and sports studies.

The new majors were approved in the 2008-2009 school year and added to this semester’s catalog.

Adding new majors is a year-long process. Faculty members who have experience in the selected curriculum suggest a major based on what learning opportunities can be available for students.

“A major is a reflection of the collection of expertise within a department,” said David Hofmeister, education division chairperson and director of teacher education.

Majors are added not only because faculty believes there is opportunity to help students, but also based on their potential careers for graduate study.

“There is a shortage for math teachers in this country,” Hofmeister said.

The middle level mathematics education major offers students the ability to earn a degree with specific requirements.

“Students can earn a degree and be a middle school teacher,” Hofmeister said. “Southwestern offers this uniqueness for a student, it simply isn’t offered anywhere else.”

These new majors are more geared toward enhancing Liberal Arts studies.

“I think we are clear basing students towards strong liberal arts studies, which is moving forward,” said Roger Moon, associate professor of theatre and speech and director of theatre program.

Students who are interested in learning more about any of these majors should contact any faculty member that is an expert in that field.

“It is helpful that students spend time talking to faculty,” Hofmeister said. “Faculty has devoted a good part to their field of study.”

There are different requirements for each specific new major. If a student is interested in changing to one of the new majors they must be aware of the new requirements. The new requirements can be found in the current school catalog.

“Students can change majors and also switch catalog majors,” Stacy Townsley, registrar, said.

Moon said he thinks that these new majors will help students be more prepared for the real world.

Alejandra is a junior majoring in communications. You may e-mail her at