Kacey Stout
Staff reporter

This 2014 season has brought on a fresh batch of coaches who bring energy to the Lady Builder Volleyball Team. Carolina Garbato, head volleyball coach, is known on the court as Coach Gabby. Giving her support this year is Chris Weathers, assistant coach, who initially was going to save lives by attending nursing school, but has come to Southwestern’s rescue.

Garbato was recruited from Brazil to play at Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma as a libero. The libero is the one who wears the off colored jersey to signify they only play defense. She was influenced to coach by her previous coaches.

“I made a journal of Do’s & Don’ts of my previous coaches because I didn’t always agree with everything they may have taught,” said Garbato.

Garbato’s goal for this upcoming season is to create better individuals as well as players.

“It’s not just about volleyball,” said Coach Gabby.

For Weathers this will be his first coaching experience. Coach Weathers played at Seton Hall University and was a libero. His predictions for the 2014 season is to get a couple girls in the top 15, coming together as a unit, having fun, and making the conference tournament.

“Our girls work hard and strive to get better every day,” said Weathers.

The new Southwestern volleyball coaching staff will be a great asset to the 2014 season.

Kacey Stout is a junior majoring in communication. You may email him at kacey.stout@sckans.edu.