Jamie Steele, bartender at Galway’s, makes a customer a drink Saturday night. The bar featured a live DJ, 18 to enter and 21 to drink, and beer pong tournament for the first time. (Korie Hawkins/Collegian photographer)

By Korie Hawkins
Staff reporter

College Nights have been few and far between since the close of O’Kelley’s Aug. 17. Resorting to other outlets like Doc Howards, Club Rodeo and Tumbleweed in Wichita and Stillwater, Okla. has become routine for some.

But Levi King is hoping to change that.

King and his partner, Laura, owners of Prairie House in Leon, live in Wichita and are the new owners of Galway’s. He said they are determined to change it up for the college crowd here in Winfield.

King who is originally from Burden, said he regularly went to O’Kelley’s. He said, “Being in this business for a few years, I wanted to create a fun atmosphere for a younger crowd.”

The name “Galway’s” originates from the Kings’ favorite song, “Galway Girl.” The bar opened New Year’s Eve and is open noon to 2 a.m. every day.

The Kings heard about the vacant bar located at 1014 Main through a family friend.

With new floors, bar stands and dance floor, King is aiming for a younger—but legal—crowd. “We are on Facebook, and that has been a pretty good source of promoting and advertising, but I would really like to get the 21 and up crowd in here.”

Katie Gomez, cocktail waitress, thinks it will be a good place for college students to hang out now that the bar is reopened and under new management.

“We’ve been pretty busy, weekends being our busiest days,” said Mark Hole, bartender. He said they normally have a few bartenders, and one or two waitresses working to balance the crowd.

The bar will host specials every night. Sunday is known as Sunday Funday 2-4-1’s (two drinks for the price of one), Monday $5 pitchers, Tuesday is poker night with $2 bottles, 2-4-1 wells, Wednesday $3 U call it (whatever you want), Thursday Pong Tournament featuring $6 pitchers, $4 bombs, Friday $2 wells, $3 premiums, and Saturday $3 Cranberry & Vodka’s, $6 pitcher, and $2 bottles.

“Thursday nights will be our College Nights,” said King.

College Night features 18 to enter (21 to drink), a five dollar coverage charge, live DJ, drink specials and beer pong tournaments.

“O’Kelley’s was a fixture in this town and the new bar is just the place to be,” said Gomez.

Korie Hawkins is a senior majoring in journalism. You may e-mail her at korie.hawkins@sckans.edu.