While visiting the main website for the college, visitors will no longer find a drop-down option under the athletic section. One click will send those looking for sports information to www.buildersports.com.

Creating one large website for all athletics was the idea of Jason Jeschke, assistant women’s basketball coach, and Dave Denly, director of athletics. Jeschke said, “We hired SIDHelp and their team to host our website and they helped every step along the way. This project also saw input from some of the coaches as well as design and aesthetics work from the very talented Terry Quiett, web producer.

Darrell Wilson, business senior, is the sports information intern. He was able to assist in putting together the website as well. Wilson said, “I inputted most of the rosters, schedules and photos of the athletes on the site and helped do testing to make sure it was functional and just the little things.”

Wilson appreciated the chance to be involved with creating the site. “It was a good experience for me because I have never been involved with putting a website together and it was great to see how much time and work actually goes into putting something like this together,” said Wilson.

The whole process of making the site presentable took about six months to complete. Jeschke said there are still minor kinks in the system, but the site is about 95 percent operational.

Jeschke is responsible for the majority of site maintenance. He updates the site daily. “There is almost always a sporting event each of the six days of the week that take place so we are updating the site constantly,” said Jeschke.

Some of the features on the site are rosters, schedules and statistics for all athletic clubs. There is a section which features traditions of Southwestern athletics such as The Jinx, Stewart Field House and the SC Hall of Fame. Fans also have the opportunity of becoming a follower of the site on Facebook and Twitter. Future students can use the site as a recruitment tool.

The hope is that the website will help to better inform people about everything related to the athletic department. Jeschke said, “We want it to be a student, fan, parent and recruit friendly website with exciting graphics, easy-to-use format and information-filled one-stop show for Moundbuilder Athletics.”