When it comes to country music some people cringe when they hear the fiddle begin to play or a yehaw.

But with the latest release from Lady Antebellum there is no need to worry about all of the obnoxious parts of the genre. There are no dogs dying, ticks being pulled off of loved ones or honky tonk badonkadonks to worry about.

On Jan. 26 “Need You Now,” their second album, was released and has already had great success.

Leading the group on vocals are Hilary Scott and Charles Kelley. Dave Haywood is the third member who plays multiple instruments for the group. In 2008, they hit the charts with their self-titled debut album. Popular songs from it included “Love Don’t Live Here” and “I Run to You.” This past Sunday the trio won a Grammy Award for “Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group.” They were also honored with the opportunity to perform at the ceremony.

“Need You Now,” is the first track on the new album and the one which is probably most recognizable to listeners. It has been at the top of the Billboard Charts and with good reason. It is the type of song which doesn’t only appeal to country music fans. The tight harmonies of the two lead vocals along with the soothing instrumentals have contributed to this song’s success. It is the perfect song to have as a ringtone for that special someone, as cheesy as that may be.

Another track which has become popular is “American Honey.” There is no doubt this should have been the second hit on the album. It again showcases the group’s vocals. They don’t have to belt in order to impress and their ability to come up with original lyrics that haven’t been done over and over is greatly appreciated.  

One of my personal favorites is “Perfect Day.” It has a different sound from any other song they produced. Everything is typically mellow with the occasional rock beat. This song is upbeat all the way throughout and is something I can picture myself dancing to.

Other note-worthy tracks are “Stars Tonight” and one of the slower songs, “If I Only Knew Then.”

My only beef with the album is the similar sounds of songs and the occasional blandness. However, it is perfect for a girl who loathed country from the moment she heard Billy Ray Cyrus squeak about his achy breaky heart. Sometimes I wish that thing would have just blown up.   

There is the slightest bit of twang in this album, but not enough to make me puke. I dub this album my new guilty pleasure.

So, for those of you out there as annoyed by country music as myself do not fear. Give this album a try and you may be surprised.