Sally McGuire, liberal arts junior, situates the apple mix while Chastity Osen, early childhood education junior, mixes the concoction and Katie Gomez, communications senior, skins the apples on Tuesday evening in Shriwise 1. More than a dozen people were crammed into the small space working on an assembly line to complete the production of over 500 apple pies and apple crisps. The $10 pies will help move the team closer to their goal of traveling through Europe while doing service projects. (Samantha Gillis/Collegian photographer)

Nearly 4,000 pounds of apples and 1,400 piecrusts have been stockpiled. No, it’s not preparation for Armageddon, it’s the annual Leadership apple pie sale. This is a long-time tradition at Southwestern College, but this year, they are throwing something new into the mix. The team will not only be selling pies, but also apple crisp.

“Our goal is to sell 700 pies and crisps this year,” said Scott Rethorst, computer science junior.

This is Rethorst’s third year in Leadership, meaning that he has to help oversee the event. He is finding out that planning it is much more stressful than just showing up and doing the work. Nonetheless, he believes it’s all a part of the experience and maintains a good attitude. “We do a lot of service work and it always turns out being fun because of the people you’re with,” he said.

Every night this week, from 4-9 p.m., team members will be making pies and delivering them, ready to bake. Those who sold pies will receive five dollars for each pie they sell. There will also be an hourly wage paid to those who help make the tasty treats. All the money raised by individual team members will go toward their personal Europe trip fund.

“The apple pies are amazing and they’re homemade, made from scratch,” said Cristelle Tejes, communication freshman.

Tejes is one of the members who will be helping to make the pies. If you are interested, contact Scott Rethorst, Chastity Osen, or any leadership member through their college e-mail.

In addition to selling pies and crisps, Leadership is also selling Christmas wreathes. For more information, visit
Erin Morris is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at