By Taylor Forrest
Staff reporter

Deceit. Passion. Scandal. Murder.

These are all things you can expect from the newly released film, Gone Girl. The delightfully capturing film is based upon the novel Gone Girl, written by Gillian Flynn.

Both film and novel revolve around the disappearance of one amazing Amy Dunne, on her and her husband, Nick Dunne’s, fifth wedding anniversary. While not at first a suspect of his wife’s disappearance, Nick moves into the spotlight when things are discovered about his past and doubts are cast his way. When Amy’s blood and DNA is found in their home Nick not only becomes a suspect of kidnapping, but a suspect of murdering his own wife.

The film was directed by David Fincher, who was otherwise famously known for directing: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Social Network, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Zodiac, Fight Club, Seven and several other critically acclaimed films. Gone Girl stars Ben Affleck as Nick Dunne and Rosamund Pike as Amy Dunne. Other well-known actors such as Neil Patrick Harris and Tyler Perry play their part in the film as well. Neil Patrick Harris plays an old lover of Amy’s that still seems to be obsessed with her, even after her disappearance, and Tyler Perry plays as Nick Dunne’s attorney.

Unlike several films that are adapted from novel to the big screen, Gillian Flynn not only wrote the novel, but the screenplay as well. This caused for there to be little to no alterations from film to novel. If you have read the book, you will completely know the plot because it matches up identically with the book. This could be a bore to some viewers that have read the book, but for others it could create and build upon a sense of anticipation.

While this film is great in its own sense, it was rated R for content of violence, some strong sexual content, nudity, and language. Gone girl is not for the faint of heart or those that get queasy at the sight of enormous amounts of blood. It is perfect for a night out with friends/significant other that are 17 years of age or older.

If you have not read the book before you decide to go see the movie, you should read it afterwards to compare not the plot, which is ultimately the same, but the pace of the film compared to that of the novel. The film slightly rushed along the long plotline of the book to fit into a reasonable film time. Despite this feeling of rush, Gone Girl is still a longer movie consisting of 2 hours and 30 minutes.

This film offers just the right amount of romance to be dubbed the average “chick flick.” Luckily, Gone Girl breaks this defining barrier with its twists of heinous violence and bloodshed. This makes it much more appealing to all types of viewers. Action-lovers, Crime-followers, Love-aspirers, and novel-readers will love this gnarled and tangled film, and keep even the readers of this novel on their toes waiting for every drop of insanity that Gone Girl offers.

Taylor Forrest is a freshman majoring in communication. You may email her at