By Kaitlynn Munoz
Staff reporter

Alex Tyler, junior guard, maintains possession during the second half of the game. The Builders won the game against The Threshers, 99-87. (Jonathan Woon/Collegian photographer)

Men’s basketball played at home for the first time in a month against Bethel College. The Moundbuilders defeated Bethel College, 99-87, Saturday night in Stewart Field House.

Cameron Clark, freshman, led the team with 24 points and was followed by Taylor Johnson, freshman with 20 points. Johnson had four three-pointers as Clark hit nine field goals.

Although the performed well at the offensive end, head coach Matt O’Brien wasn’t very pleased with the Moundbuilders’ defense. He said, “We played one of our worse efforts defensively.” With O’ Brien’s displeasure tonight, his main focus before the next game against St. Mary’s is to work on defense. “We need to focus on one guard the basketball player,” said O’Brien.

At the final three minutes, tension started mounting within both teams and O’ Brien as well as Alonzo Jamison, Bethel head coach, both got a technical in the second half.

With some expectations met in Saturday night’s game, the Moundbuilders will be hosting University of St. Mary on Wednesday in the Stewart Field house starting at 8 p.m. The University of St. Mary is 7-0 in KCAC conference which boasts a roster consisting of the men’s basketball player of the week Jordan Wilcox.

Kaitlynn Munoz is a sophomore majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at