By Jose Chatham
Staff reporter

It was an offensive dominating afternoon for Southwestern men’s soccer in Arkansas City at Cowley College. Southwestern led through the 95 minute match to come up short one goal. They lost 2-1 against the Southwestern Adventist Knights.

The match started off with smooth passing and communication between players and dominant offense throughout the first half. Pressure on the Knights defense with several on target shots by the Moundbuilders, but couldn’t seem to capitalize on an opportunity to score. Kyle Pond, head coach, watched as the Moundbuilders offense took shot after shot with nothing coming of it.

“We got to make better decisions which we did not do, we had a lot of shot selections but a lot got blocked, we are not taking quick enough shots, we must move the ball around a lot more and make better choices,” Pond said. “It was just an unlucky day.”

This was the second friendly match of the season, last year the Moundbuilders destroyed the Knights 4-0 last year.

“We beat this team 4-0 last year, we were worried that guys were going to take them as a joke , and needed to have the intensity from the things we worked on in practice,” said Pond.

With the game pressing on the Knights struck first in the 27 minute, in a mosh pit of players, the Knights took a shot to the bottom left corner and the ball rolled right in. The Moundbuilder defense rose up and became more aggressive, allowing an opportunity for Tre Thomas, junior forward, in the 56 minute to kick a rocket of a shot from quarter field to the top left corner of the goal, which gave the Moundbuilders a surge of energy and tied up the match 1-1. The Moundbuilders kept on their relentless attack on the Knight’s defense, but would succumb to a heartbreaking 87 minute goal from the Knights to put them up 2-1.

After the match the player shook hands in respect and Coach Pond gathered his frustrated squad to go over the overall summary of the team’s performance.

“Over all today I’d say we were disappointed, there is a clear result we want to get for the scrimmage , everyone got a chance to play and we will move on from here,’” said Pond.

The Moundbuilders are now 0-2 in their friendly matches with one more on Sunday at SC before they start conference play.

Jose Chatham is a junior majoring in communication. You may email him at