By Chandler Hall

Staff reporter

Starting conference off 2-0, the Moundbuilders men’s basketball team (8-0, 2-0 in KCAC) takes on the Threshers of Bethel (2-5, 1-1 in KCAC) at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov.21 in Stewart Field House.

The Moundbuilders were led by Cameron Hunt, junior guard, and DJ Wallace, senior guard, in scoring in Saturday’s 97-77 win over Sterling College (2-5, 0-2 in KCAC).

Hunt said, “I think it’s a great confidence booster, but we’re telling ourselves to stay focused and to keep doing what we’re doing and we’ll keep winning.”

Matt O’Brien, men’s head basketball coach, said, “Sharing the basketball was big. I think if we can continue to share the ball it is going to give us a big chance to be successful in the future.”

In preparation for the game against Bethel, O’Brien said, “The team that will be more focused on Monday has the better chance. Everyone’s going to think about Tuesday. Some guys are going to be focused on getting to that break, but we need our guys to be focused on Monday preparing for the game on Tuesday.”

O’Brien is telling his team recovery, recovery, recovery.

“They have to get rest and drink a lot of water and take care of their body. With a quick turn around like Tuesday, they have to be focused and ready to go,” O’Brien said.

Hunt is positive his team can score at will, but said right now, it is just defense and sprinting back they want to improve on. They want to stay focused at that end of the court for the game against Bethel.

Wallace said, “The mindset going into next game is just taking care of business and knowing that we’re number one and not taking any team for granted. We know we have a bullseye on our back so we have to come out and play serious every game and take every team like they’re the next best team.”

Wallace said staying focused and executing every day to keep the rhythm as a team and as a whole has kept the momentum of an undefeated start going for them.

Chandler Hall is a sophomore majoring in communication. You may contact him at