By Bailey VenJohn
Staff reporter

The men’s soccer team has started off their season with one of the best records Southwestern has seen in a few years. After the 2-0 win Tuesday night, the Builders move to 4-1 on the season.

“It feels good, we have a lot of confidence going into the season. We had a lot more to work with than we have in the past couple of years. I’m excited and ready for conference to start,” said Si Henderson, sophomore midfielder.

Southwestern started off the night a little slow going into halftime tied 0-0. In the first half alone, the Builders recorded 18 shots which only six were on frame. With numbers like that, the team had to keep in mind that eventually they were going to put one away.

After halftime the Builders shifted it into gear. Jordan Garcia, junior midfielder, scored the first goal of the game at the beginning of the second half.

Jerry Jones-Bruner, freshman midfield, claimed at halftime coach said, “Put one away early, that way we will win the game.”

Jones-Bruner assisted the second and last goal of the game. This last one was nailed in by Peterson Caristil, junior forward.

Going into the game the Builders were expecting a tough match up.

Barclay College was rolling into Winfield with an undefeated record of 4-0. Southwestern wasn’t intimidated though and kept the usual mentality.

“Come through, play hard, keep the intensity up,” said Henderson.

Five games into the season things are really starting to come together for the Builders.

Ian Mutio, junior goalkeeper, said, “The team is finally starting to get the nerves out of our system and we’re playing our game.”

So what is the key to the turnaround from last year to this year? As a whole the team numbers are way up with 37 names listed on the roster. Numbers isn’t the only thing that has improved, will to win and confidence has as well.

“After our record last year we had a lot of players that came in for a couple days and we’re like no, this team isn’t good. Now we have a bunch of guys who are actually coming in to work, they want something out of this. It’s good for our school and our record, we need to get ourselves on the map and get as far as we can, right now this is a good start but we just got to keep it going,” said Mutio.

The team’s work is close to over. Next up on the schedule is Mid America Christian on Saturday Sept. 14. The game will be played in Oklahoma City.

Bailey VenJohn is a sophomore majoring in communication. You may email her at