Graphic by Lathe Cobb

By Lauren Sieh
Staff reporter

He was a happy go lucky child who always had a smile on his face.

 Rosie Engelbrecht, Luna’s mother, feels empty without her son.

“I still feel like I am in a fog,” said Engelbrecht. “I do not believe it. I cannot believe he is gone. It is unreal. It was hard going through all of his stuff.”

Gabriel “Gabe” Luna, former student, died on Dec. 20 in the Wesley Medical Center after suffering a gunshot wound Dec. 18 at his residence in Honor Apartments on campus.

Engelbrecht said Gabe was a momma’s boy right up until high school. He would always hug her and kiss her on the cheek.

He loved church. He always made friends easily.

Out of his whole middle school class, he won a citizenship award.

He loved golf from a young age. He was the first freshman from his high school to make it to state for golf.

Engelbrecht first found out what happened to her son through a call from Dan Falk, dean of students.

Engelbrecht said, “Dan called my husband and I and left a message on our phones. Usually, I do not leave my phone on all night because we still have the house phone. But ever since then, I do now.”

The investigation of the shooting is still underway.

“When I think about it, all I want is justice for Gabe, his kids and myself,” said Englebrecht. “I just wish whoever knows something would come forward.”

“I want him to be remembered for his beautiful smile, his love for golf and his children,” said Engelbrecht.

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A profile about Gabe Luna was published in Janurary 2019. Stories about Luna’s death and the shooting investigation were published in January.