By Daegiona Wilson
Staff reporter

A bizarre group of robbers.

That is the way to explain the most unpredictable, jaw dropping series that will leave one in suspense at the end of every single episode.

La Casa De Papel, better known as Money Heist, is directed by Alex Pina. It began in 2017, hitting 4.5 million viewers after season one was aired on the Spanish TV channel, antenna 3.

The series is centered around eight robbers. Tokio, played by Ursula Corbero, Berlin, played by Pedro Alonso, Rio, played by Miguel Herran, Moscu, played by Paco Tous, Denver, played by Jaime Lorente, Nairobi, played by Alba Flores, Helsinki, played by Darko Peric, and The professor, played by Alvaro Morte.

The series was bound to be one of the best around just by the name of the characters. They all resemble different cities. Berlin, Rio, Denver, yeah you get the point. Pretty clever move from the creator.

This story captures two long prepared heist led by The professor, one on the Royal Mint of Spain and the other on the Bank of Spain.

The series is an ongoing battle between robbers and law enforcement. Striking down a robbery never seemed unachievable for investigators.

The professor is the lone character working from the outside. To better explain The professor, let’s just say he’s a nerd and psychopath and surprisingly handsome at the same time. Oddly to say, he’s never fell in love, never experienced love, I mean who better to have head in charge then someone who has nothing but time to plan these entire heist out. No hobbies, no love life, and no friends.

Going into the heist, rules are implied making sure that the only priority is to make money. Crimes that are typically committed by common bank robbers this group refuses to carry out due to their personal values.

As it becomes difficult to stick to their guidelines, the group proves that they can avoid unnecessary chaos when it emerges. The moment when you think the whole plan is in danger the characters find a way to let you know that they got it all handled, leaving your eyes continuously glued to the screen.

One of the most iconic components is the apparel. The robbers make the hostages wear the same outfits as them, so when mayhem presents itself with the investigators, it’s difficult to tell the robbers and hostages apart.

Each character battles their own personal issues, which fuels their drive and determination to make it out the heist alive.

Before watching, I was almost positive that having a successful heist was nearly impossible, but as the series progressed, the brains of the professor, and the actions of the others, made me realize that getting out alive was in fact possible. Insane if you ask me, after having the entire investigated body trying to save the hostages and kill you.

I don’t think it’s good to actually want the “bad guys” to win in this situation, but the way the creators generate an emotional attachment through the characters actually makes you hope that the robbers get rich, and pull the whole thing off.

The symbols are another thing that gets one drawn in. Money, guns, explosives, gold and grand theme songs. That’s just a few.

Let me just say, the words “Bella Ciao” will never make you an emotional wreck sooner.

Crazy to think that the series wasn’t supposed to get passed season two. Before it was brought by Netflix, the show was finished. Netflix then asked if it was possible for the creators to renew for yet another season, and that’s when the fame and the best decision ever was made.

The show has the most views in history against any other Netflix production, in five different countries, and a huge success and many more.

Take my word, take the worlds word, if you don’t check this 4-part series out, you’re literally insane and you most likely will never have my respect.

Daegiona Wilson reported on this story from her home in Wichita, Kansas.