By Leslie Bowdich
Guest writer

Joyful Noise was music to my ears but not to my eyes. The film starts with a choir computation with the Divinity Church Choir singing only to be interrupted with the choir director having a heart attack during the performance.

The film then jumps to after the funeral of the old choir director and the pastor of Divinity Church is appointing a new choir director. G.G. Sparrow (Dolly Parton) wants the position but only to find out Vi Rose Hill (Queen Litifah) is appointed for the position. This ruffles Sparrows’ feathers and the childish feud between the two begins.

Olivia Hill is one of the more gifted singers in the choir but her mother Vi Rose Hill tries holding her back by putting less Mariah Carey in the music and focusing more on praise. Sparrows’ grandson Randy Garrity shows up on the scene and from there a whirl wind of events happen.

The drama is random with no information to back it up. This film doesn’t have very many musical numbers which takes away from it. The acting is standard for this type of film. The only thing that actually saved it from become a snooze fest was the music. With power house singers like Kirk Franklin, Queen Litifah, Dolly Parton, and Kris Kristofferon you would expect the film to have a better script. It seemed like the script was thrown together to compliment the music.

The main plot seemed like a good story with a church in a poor community going to a big choir singing computation to bring the community together. The movie also included the search for faith and overcoming the odds. It was just a whole lot of random short story lines with a lot of missing pieces. The music was great with a classic gospel style and pop music twist but because of the actual storyline the movie falls short.

It is missing information that is critical for viewers to better understand the characters and to connect with them. It seems like a good movie to rent but not worth watching in theaters. My rating for this movie would be two out of five stars.

Leslie Bowdich is a senior majoring in communication. You may email her at