By Kaleb Vining
Staff reporter

A freeze watch from 1 a.m. until 10 a.m. on April 21 has been issued by the National Weather Service.

Robb Lawson, weather service meteorologist, said that it is predicted that it will start raining around 3-4 a.m., but that students might start seeing snow mix into that rain around 5-6 a.m.

“You shouldn’t see a significant accumulation of snow since the roads are still pretty warm,” said Lawson.

The forecast shows a low of 33-degrees on the night of April 19, and a low of 30-degrees the morning of April 20.

Lawson said that the normal high temperature for this time of year is around 70-degree, but April 20 will have a high of 49-degrees.

Kristin Humphreys, associate vice president for business services said that Plant Operations has been monitoring the weather and do not see it as a major threat.

Plant Operations will have people coming in early on April 20 so that they can check sidewalks, parking lots and the roads on campus to see if anything needs to be done to keep students safe.

Humphreys also said that the boilers have been turned back on in the buildings on campus and will be monitored so that students will stay warm.

Other than softball, sporting events will not be affected by the sudden change in temperatures this week.

“It is my understanding that we have moved softball from April 20, to April 21,” said Kyle Pond, associate athletic director.

Pond said that the snow is unusual, but getting through the bad weather that comes with spring sports is normal; it usually just requires creative thinking and compromise.