By Alissa Sheppard
Staff reporter

Instilling habits that will not only prepare them for soccer, but that will prepare them for the future is what new men’s soccer head coach Joseph Yeisley said is his main focus for the team. Joseph Yeisley was announced the men’s head soccer coach March 5. He says that he was very excited when he heard the news that he got the position.

Playing soccer for 20 years, it has always been a big part of his life. He learned that though hard work that he could accomplish anything. “My dad has always been a huge influence on me,” said Yeisley. His dad has always pushed him to do what is important and teach him that he is capable to do anything through hard work.
Giving hard work and honesty is what Colin Baker, senior midfield, says he will give to the new head coach, and it is also what he expects in return. He also expects the team to be open-minded about the new acquisition. “I expect Yeisley to help us in all aspects of everyday life, there is more to life than soccer and he knows that since he was once in our shoes,” said Baker.

Baker has played club soccer since the he was three years old, and he had the same coach so getting a different coach is something new and different for him. “This will be a nice challenge for me, it will help keep me open-minded through everything that I may face in the near future,” said Baker.
One thing that is on the mind of Baker, and others and that is uncertainty. He said “I know it will be in a lot of people’s minds throughout the season, but we just need to stick together and have faith that everything will pan out.”

Baker has set goals for next year, and he said his main goal is just to win. “We havent done that in this program and one of the reasons why I came here was to put SC soccer on the map. I want to make playoffs and I think if we can do that then things will take care of themselves.”

Head women’s soccer coach, Joe Woods, has known Yeisley since 2004 when they both attended SC. He sees Yeisley as a great asset to the program and is very excited that he is taking over the men’s soccer team. “I look forward to his youthful energy and strong work ethic,” said Woods. He thinks Yeisley will take the program to the next level. “He cares about his players, wants the best for them, and will demand the best from them,” Woods said. Being the women’s head coach he has some experience under his belt, he said if he could give Yeisley some advice he would say that “any weakness he may have as a coach will be over shadowed by his good intentions and hard work.”