By Ozzie Briesch
Staff reporter

The Builder men’s soccer team could not get their act together despite their best efforts Aug. 28 evening, losing their first match of the year against the University of Dallas.

The away game ended in a score of 3-0 with one goal scored in the first half, and the other two in the second.

Ben Mannings, Dallas forward, scored the first goal on Cullen Grantham, Builder goalkeeper, in the 31 minute of the game with a volley across the goal and settled into the side net.

Grantham says “Our defense was a little spotty which gave them a lot of opportunities on goal and I just let three of them get past me. It was nobody’s fault in specific, we just need to work on it.”

Southwestern could not find their accuracy, shooting a total of 18 shots, shooting only seven of them on target with none penetrating the goal keeper.

Sean Hill, senior forward, said, “We had a lot of weak shots on goal and most of them didn’t even go on frame, it’s definitely something we have to work on.”

At the end of the first half, Mayo Akintunde was awarded with a yellow card after barreling through a Dallas midfielder to take possession.

In the second half Dallas added salt to the wound with two more goals that would seal the game’s fate in the 74 and 81 minute.

Now, the men’s soccer team stands with an official record of 0-1 putting the moral lower than preferred at the beginning of the season.

Jess De La Cruz, senior midfielder, said, “We started off a little shaky, but it doesn’t reflect the rest of the season, we have a great team we just haven’t proven it yet.”

The Builders now have their eyes set on their next game on Sept. 4 at Moore Okla. to stand against the Saints of Hillsdale Free Will Baptist College. The whistle will blow at 2 p.m. on the Hillsdale Soccer Field.

Ozzie Briesch is a sophomore majoring in communication, you can email him at