By Dru Pelter

Staff reporter

With a tough loss last week, the Southwestern College soccer team felt it was crucial for them to bounce back. They did just that with a 2-0 victory against the Bacone Warriors.

Coach Joseph Yeisley praised the forwards of Bacone before the game. Yeisley said, “I think it’ll be a great test for us, they have some tremendous speed up top with their forwards so I think it’ll be a big opportunity for our backline to work against that type of player. We’ll be seeing more players like them come conference time, so we’re looking forward to the match and hopefully we can grow stronger from it.”

The speed was definitely noticeable but the tough defense by the Builders helped keep Bacone scoreless. The two goals were scored by forward, Mayo Akintunde and mid-fielder, Hugo Hernandez.


Yeisley talked about the preparation for the game and described how different the past week was for them. Yeisley said, “The past couple weeks the emphasis has really been on our possession style, we want to keep the ball the majority of the game and create opportunities out of it. We’re looking to keep the ball on the ground and move off of it as quickly as possible.” Yeisley also added that the progression is starting to show every day, he said, “In practice we’ve really been putting it together with the intensity and understanding what it takes to be consistent.”


Jordan Garcia, the team captain, has been an all-conference player for three out of his four years at Southwestern College.  Jordan talked about the how the team felt after last week. Garcia said, “I feel pretty good, I think leading up to the game practice has been going better. Everyone’s morale and fatigue level are back down, so we should be able to perform at a high level again. Garcia also has a goal for his team, he said, “Being here for four years has done a lot. Going through coaching changes and losing players that we had our freshman year. The team is trying to leave a mark in the program and trying to get in to playoffs which hasn’t been done in over ten years.”


The other captian of the team, Dalton Carver, also had some words on how the team prepared for Bacone. Carver said, “I’d say we’ve been rebuilding our heart and our intensity, we lost quite a few guys due to financial aid issues, eligibility and bad luck.”

From what both the captains said it’s easy to see that the soccer team has faced an abundance of adversity over the past four years with losing players and coaching changes. Carver didn’t think of this as a setback but more of a motivation. Carver said, “I think it definitely motivates me at least, the six of us that have been here for four years have been looking for a moment like this year to have the talented players we have to make it far in the playoffs and maybe make it to the top of the conference. We moved forward last year and we’re finally at the point where we can achieve something this year.”​


Dru Pelter is a freshman at Southwestern College majoring in communication. You may email him at