Men’s soccer lost Tuesday night to Manhattan Christian College 3-1. After learning a new formation days before the game, defense made two errors that let Manhattan score. The men’s formation was a 3-5-2 defense. This would let them have more control over the ball.

“We just need to make adjustments in our formation, but we will have it done and ready by Friday,” said Ruben Sanchez, head coach.

A talk at halftime encouraged the players to play with energy, refocus and fix their mistakes, and use the opportunities that are given to them. That just didn’t happen for the Builders.

“After the first goal our heads went down. Once Felix Amankwah scored, we just could not finish. We got in such a deep panic mode to where we started forcing things and that made us make mistakes,” said Abel Trujillo, freshman midfielder.

“We just need to work on our communication, play hard, and go for every 50-50 ball,” said Luiz Reyes, freshman midfielder.

Now, with a 4 game losing streak, men’s soccer will be coming back to their own field and playing against Friends University at 1 p.m. October 30th.

Kaitlynn Munoz is a freshman majoring in communications. You can email her at