Cooler temperatures reaching around 60 degrees made better running conditions at the Sept. 10 than were expected.

The only downside of the meet was that the field conditions were not up to par. The soil was saturated with rain from the previous night, so running with spikes proved difficult. “I thought the weather was perfect,” said Carrington Crum, elementary education senior. “I was not impressed with the course conditions. I did not really care for the part of running on gravel and a dirt road.”

The men’s team proved that they still had the skill to make it.

At the beginning of the men’s 8K, Southwestern runners ran in a pack, but as the team made its way around the course, they each went at their own pace, splitting away from each other. As the men neared the halfway mark, you could tell from the looks on their faces that they were tired, but still had the fire in their bellies to make it.

As the men neared the finish line, they gave it their all.

Colton McNinch, biochemistry sophomore, placed first with a time of 25:45. Frank Adelman, biology junior, finished fourth with a time of 26:15. Crum placed thirteenth with a time of 27:10.

The men’s team next competes at Joplin, Mo. for the Southern Missouri Stampede held on September 17.

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Colton McNinch, biochemistry sophomore, runs during the Wichita Wild Wind Festival cross country meet Sept. 10. McNinch won the meet and earned KCAC Runner of the Week.