Daniel Van Sickle
Staff reporter

Cameron Clark, sophomore forward, goes to get a rebound from a warrior.

Cameron Clark, sophomore forward, goes to get a rebound from a warrior. (Maggie Dunning/Collegian photographer)

The men’s basketball team lost to Sterling  in an action packed game with a final score of 77-90. Despite the loss, Gene Hartman, assistant coach, was proud of the team’s performance. 

“This was a tough match for us. We started playing well and continued to do well on most of the fundamentals,” said Hartman. ”Although there were a few small things we need to work on.”  

Hartman went on to note that “ Transitioning from offense to defensive and getting back in the necessary position is the most major thing that needs to be worked on as well as better communication but at the end of the day we were just out played.”

According to Gene Hartman three players on the team particularly stood out and shined: “Drew Hudson, Cameron Rodriguez, and Alex Tyler did well offensively, kept the team together, and drove a comeback in the second half.”

The lead scorer on the team for the moundbuilders was Tyler with 17 points.

Tyler, senior guard and team captain, believes the team played not quite as well the first half but then played the second half a lot better and with a lot of heart.

On the Sterling Warriors, Tyler had to say that their performance was exceptional both defensively and offensively.

 Hartman was surprised that they were able to keep up a strong offense the whole game, he knew going in that Sterling was tough but he did not expect the full match to be as intense.

You can see the moundbuilders play their next match at Tabor College on Jan. 6at 8 p.m.

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