ABOVE: Noah Webster, senior guard, hits a floater while a Warrior contests the shot. The Builders defeated Calvary College 105-59. This gives the Builders a 2-0 record, as they look to face Bacone College at 7 p.m. Oct. 27 in Stewart Fieldhouse. (Daegiona Wilson/Staff photographer)

By Derrick Culpepper
Staff reporter

Southwestern College men’s basketball team added to their winning record this past Friday, Oct. 23.  With no conference games played yet, the Moundbuilders have had two dominating wins.

They defeated Spurgeon college 109-65 and Calvary 105-59. Their next non-conference game was originally scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 26, and is now scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 27.

They look to add another win to their so far undefeated season.

In a recent interview James McSorley, assistant basketball coach, stated, “There are guys on the team that know how to win, and a lot of the guys we brought in were winners”.  

With their ability to move the ball effectively and outlast the opposition, they have avoided falling to teams with less skill and teamwork amongst their players.

When asked about the struggles this team has, Tim Miser, associate head basketball coach, explained “We are not where we want to be, but we are focused on getting better”.

As simple things like taking extra shoots after practice have been taken away due to COVID, the time that the athletes have to perfect their craft has been limited.

I got to catch up with Steele Chapman, freshman guard, when asked about his projections for this season he stated, “I believe we have the team to make it far, we just have to continue to keep working and get better every day”.

With an undefeated record, the Southwestern College men’s basketball team gets another opportunity to prove themselves and if they can keep their winning streak.