By Dalton Carver
Staff reporter


Kyle Hernandez
Staff reporter

The Southwestern Men’s basketball team suffered their first defeat this season against Ottawa in Thursdays night’s game on Dec. 11.  The game went into overtime, ending with a score of 90-85

The Moundbuilders had a rough first half and struggled with free throws and several turnovers. As they started strong the second half, they just couldn’t keep their momentum going.

Matt O’Brien, head men’s basketball coach, reminds the players to be a good sport and to hold their heads up whether it’s a win or loss. “They need to think of this as a setback to be ready for Saturday’s game,” said O’Brien. Despite the loss, the Moundbuilders were rebounding the ball extremely well. “There’s some size differential and we did a good job rebounding,” said O’Brien.

EJ Dobbins, junior guard, had a great offensive game and kept the other players on their toes with his speed and quickness but struggled defensively. “I think I could’ve done better on defense,” said Dobbins. It’s important, especially in a basketball game, to always talk to your teammates because that’s what motivates them. “We talk, we let them know when they’ve got our help,” said Dobbins.

Cameron Clark, junior forward, got a lot of rebounds in the game with a couple of missed free throws. “I really feel like I let my team down,” said Clark. Despite an injury during the second half, Clark didn’t let it stop him as he was back in quickly to try and scoop the win. “I was ready to play and just help my team out,” said Clark.

The Moundbuilders hope to bounce back from the loss and be ready for Saturday’s game against Bethany at 7 p.m.

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