By Chandler Hall
Staff reporter

Coming off of three blowout wins, the men’s Moundbuilder basketball team (4-0) took on the Barclay Bears (0-2) last night at home. The Moundbuilders controlled the game from start to finish. The final score was 107-61.

Jacob Horsch, senior guard, said, “I think it was a good team win. I thought we played well together. Against a team like this, it is really important that you share the ball and get everybody involved. I think we did move the ball well tonight and we hit shots.”

Matt O’Brien, head men’s basketball coach, said, “Extra passing really led to some easy shots for us. Defensively, we were locked in especially in the first half. We really wanted to guard the basketball one on one. The most important thing for us was to guard one on one.”

O’Brien said, “We needed to make an adjustment in our two-three zone. In the last ten minutes of the game we gave up a couple lay ups.”

Cameron Hunt led the scoring with 21 points and 3 assist.

DJ Wallace led in assist with 7 and scored 17 points.

Jacob Horsch had 16 points, four of which, were three point shots.

Brent Smith had 13 rebounds.

The Moundbuilders are confident in their ability to score points, but they want to improve defensively heading into the games before conference.

Hunt said, “We have a lot of work to do on defense. We know we can score at will right now, but defense is our main problem right now.”

Hunt said sprinting back on defense is something they want to carry into the next game.

O’Brien said, “It is a lot about defense for us. We have to continue to compete and get better at defense every day.”

The players and coaches are confident in each other’s ability to lead and keep the team positive and focused after multiple blowout wins before more competitive competition in conference play.

O’Brien said, “We have strong leadership and a lot of guys have been through this year after year, so I think they know what to expect when we go into conference season.”

Cameron Hunt, Junior Guard, said, “We’re trying to get better for conference. We’re working on what we can work on. We know we weren’t playing a team at our level, but we were trying to get ready for conference with this game.”

Horsch said, “I think our coaches and leaders are keeping our team motivated. We’ve been going into practice every day like it’s our last. We have been playing really hard and going into every game like it’s our last. I think motivation and encouragement from our coaches has really helped us.”

The now 5-0 Moundbuilders take on the Haskell Indian Nations (1-4) tomorrow night at 7 in Stewart Field House.

Chandler Hall is a sophomore majoring in communication. You may email him at