By Mallory Graves

Staff reporter

The spring golf season of 2019-2020 is right around the corner for the Builder men and women.

The men will attend The San Antonio Shoot-Out and they will play at TPC AT&T Canyons Course and The Oaks Course which is where the PGA hosts The Valero Texas Open. They will compete on Feb. 24 and 25.

Khord Vining, business administration sophomore, said, “I am pretty excited for Monday. Coach Stinson has already done quite a bit for this program in the short amount of time he’s been here. Usually, around this time of year, we aren’t able to get outside and practice because of the weather, but within the first week that coach was here, he got a simulator for us so we could practice any day of the week.”

“Since this is our first tournament of the spring, we might be a little shaky to begin, but I have high hopes for the team this year. Individually, I’m looking to keep all my scores in the 70s, if not, low 80s,” said Vining.

Daren Reed, biology senior said, “Coach Stinson is very organized and I am excited about our first spring tournament.”

Not only are the players anticipating a great season, but the new head coach is as well.

Bill Stinson, head men and women’s golf coach said, “I have been coaching golf for 25 years. I am looking forward to seeing them compete the first time this spring. We are all looking forward to playing in a little warmer weather.”

“We will play 36 holes on Monday and then 18 on Tuesday,” said Stinson.

“I think the men are as prepared as we can be with the intermittent weather that we’ve had. We have been using our simulator, so hopefully, that has been a good resource to better prepare us for the first event,” said Stinson.

 “I am expecting good results from the team and individually. We are playing pretty well and our team hasn’t been this good since my freshman year. I am playing some of the best golf that I have played in a long time, so I am expecting a lot from myself in this tournament,” said Reed.

The women will play their first tournament during spring break at Turkey Creek in McPherson, Kan.

Reid Green, religion and philosophy senior, said, “We are very excited to get the season going.”

“I think we are all still trying to get used to each other as a team. I think that when tournaments start, all those things will just start clicking. It has been hard with the cold and wet weather to really get a groove with everyone, because things have been so hit or miss, off and on,” said Green.

Peyton Timmerman, education graduate assistant, said, “From the team, this tournament will really be a starting point to see how we match up against other teams, but I’m expecting us to have a competitive score.”

“Individually, I’m expecting to see some specific things that I’ve worked on in practice transfer over to tournament play,” said Timmerman.

Swift changes made in the coaching staff has not phased any of the players.

“This season has been a stretching time for me and my teammates. With all of the changes that came in the coaching position and the fact that it’s senior season for a few of us, there has just been a lot going on. But, we are so ready to just go out there and play,” said Green.

“One of the special things about the team is that the four of us have been together for a while. I think we have a really good shot at conference this year. We are all very excited,” said Green.

The final countdown for the seniors has officially started.

“I am very sad. I love Southwestern and this golf team. I am going to miss it forever,” said Reed.

“Golf season, especially spring, is just a mad dash to the end. Knowing that these next few months will be my last time to play at the collegiate level, I’ve really made it a goal for myself to just enjoy it,” said Green.