By Lacie Holbert
Staff reporter

With two games to go before starting conference the women and men’s soccer team will make their last road trip to Roger State University Sept. 25.  The Lady Builders go into the game with a 2-2-1 record facing the 3-0 Lady Hillcats. As for the men’s team the Builders currently have a 1-3-1 record going against the Hillcats with a 3-1 record.

Rene Schwan, senior forward, said “Roger State is predicted to be the best team we play this season. They might be faster but we have to play smarter then they do and we have to have better confidence. Each player on our team has their own goal to what they want to accomplish but as a team we fulfill our goals of working for each and doing our own jobs to be successful.”

Joe Coyle, junior midfielder, said, “I do not know a whole lot about Roger State University. I think if we come out and play strong we can have a good result. As a team we can’t make a lot of silly mistakes.”
The Lady Builders won 1-0 over the Lady Tigers in overtime Sept. 15. Schwan scored the winning goal at 4:36 into overtime. Jamie Harkness, junior defense, made the assist to help score the winning goal. Harkness hit the cross and Schwan volleyed it in for the victory.

Schwan said, “This game was a little bittersweet going into for me. Two years ago when we played Central Christian in McPherson I was told my granddad had cancer after the game. So kicking the winning goal meant a lot to me especially since my granddad was able to witness it. This was by far one of the greatest moments and one that meant a lot to me.” Schwan said our team was better fit and pushed up the field a lot faster which was a huge advantage. “All of our fundamentals have progressed which helps us be able to move up the field smoother and faster.”

Joe Wood, head women’s soccer coach, said, “I think the girls did a much better job on doing some of the right things right. We need to get better at doing the right things consistently for 90 minutes.” Wood said the team is defensively strong and needs to work more offensively.  “We had many chances to put something in the net but unfortunately didn’t.”  Wood said that if Central Christian were in the KCAC, they would have been in the bottom four.

The men’s team beat the Tigers 1-0. Andrew Bonvehi, senior fielder, scored the only goal in the first 15 minutes of the game.
Bonvehi said, “I thought the team played overall pretty well. When we arrived in McPherson we found out Central Christian had a much larger team than we did which was in their favor. We knew as a team we were going to have to play hard the whole game, especially since the Tigers had such a larger team.”

Bonvehi said, “We came out hard the first half and played like the better team which was to our advantage. We were faster and more fit but slowed down the second half and had to play more defensively.”

Ruben Sanchez, head men’s coach, said, “We came out a lot better then the last game We looked more focused and came out very intense. I think the team meshed real well against Central Christian College.” Sanchez said everyone seemed to be on the same page and gained some more confidence with this victory.

Both women and men’s team hosted Mid America Christian Sept 19. Before the game Wood said, “Mid America Christian is one of the best teams we will face so far. They normally have a lot of talent and will be very physical. Mid America Christian is a strong team who doesn’t have a lot of weaknesses.” Wood said our starting eleven is going to have to out play their starting eleven. “We have played four games now and are warmed up. I think this game will be a great test to see where we stand as a team.”
The women’s team lost to Mid America Christian 7-0. Schwan said, “Today was a test of how we are stepping up our game. We learn from our mistakes and progress to do better for the next game.” Schwan said we work hard and never give up.

The men’s team also lost 5-1 against the Evangels. Bonvehi scored the only goal for the team and Stefan Carter, freshman midfielder, made the assist.

Bonvehi said, “Saturday’s game was a tough game. They scored in the first 5 minutes but we were able to respond and tie the game. Then we had a couple of injuries and started to fall apart. They scored right before the half and we could just not get back into the game. We did not play a good game and we know that we could have beaten them on a good day. Bonvehi said now the team needs to make sure they play with more confidence and heart the next two games because the competition will be even tougher then Mid America Christian.”

The men and women’s team played St. Gregory’s University Sept. 22. The results for the game were not available at press time.

Lacie Holbert is a sophomore majoring in convergent journalism. You may e-mail her at