By Matt O’Brien
Guest writer

This is a very difficult situation to comment on. Everything I have read and heard in the past about Joe Paterno has been very positive. He has always had a positive image in the coaching fraternity.

Like a lot of other football fans, I am disappointed that Coach Paterno is not able to end his Hall of Fame career on a good note. However, I believe the university had no other choice but to force him to step down. After reading the details about Coach Sandusky, both the university and Paterno could have done much more to protect innocent children.

As a father of a three year old, I am saddened and angered at what allegedly took place at Penn State. This should have been dealt with immediately, and it needs to be known that Penn State does not condone this behavior. It has to be known that no program is bigger than someone’s safety or welfare.

The major lesson that I learned from this situation is that we are all responsible for holding each other accountable, especially when it comes to the safety of others. I don’t want to be in a situation where I look back and wished that I would have taken a different action.

Matt O’Brien is the head men’s basketball at Southwestern College.