By Lauren Sieh
Staff reporter

If you are a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then you were probably as excited as I was when “WandaVision” came out on Disney+.

“WandaVision” is a nine-episode TV miniseries that revolves around the new mysterious post blip life of Wanda Maximoff, better known as the Scarlet Witch, played by Elizabeth Olsen and Vision, played by Paul Bettany.

If you don’t understand what I mean by post blip, then I really recommend that you watch “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers: End Game” to understand what the blip was and how it happened. However, the first episode of “WandaVision” does give you a brief understanding of what happened if you don’t want to sit through a total of five hours and 42 minutes of movie time.

Now you must be wondering why their new life post blip is mysterious. Well, you see, spoiler alert that is not so much a spoiler alert; vision is dead and has been since “Avengers: Infinity War.” These play out to roughly five years.

However, we see him perfectly alive and well when the series begins. What is even more mysterious is that they seem to be living an all-American sitcom dream life with every episode taking place in a different decade, starting with the 1950s and 1960s eras.

However, this dream life does come with its inconsistencies, with the two beings, in fact, superheroes, thus making it hard to hide their powers. It becomes tough to hide as the episodes go on.

At first glance or watch, I should say, this series seems to be a wacky and funny little show. However, as the episode progress, we start to see a darker and more serious side of “WandaVision” and what is really going on.

The mystery of the show and the actions of the characters start to make sense finally. It starts to all fit together like a puzzle. The show really makes you rack your brain to figure out what is happening, which is very entertaining for a Marvel fanatic like myself.

Not only is the storyline intriguing and entertaining to figure out, but the visuals are absolutely fantastic, and I am a big stickler for visuals. If the visuals don’t make the storyline, it is a deal-breaker for me.

That being said, “WandaVision’s” visuals are out of this world. I mentioned earlier that each episode takes place in a certain decade, which each episode fits its decade to a tee.

The set design, clothing, hair and makeup, even to the colorization between decade, is perfect. Don’t even get me started on the battle scenes. Yes, there are some battle scenes, this is Marvel we are talking about; there has to be a least one battle scene.

There is not much more that I can say about “WandaVision” without spoiling it since the series is fairly short, and each episode is under an hour. I thoroughly recommend that you watch “WandaVision.” If I were to rate the series, I would give it a solid ten out of ten.