By Hanna House
Staff reporter

68 teams coming to one tournament to fight for one title-sounds like madness doesn’t it? The name for this tournament is actually March Madness. Usually starting the week of Spring Break, 68 NCAA basketball teams come together to compete to be named the number one team. With 68 teams fighting for that one spot, things can get a little crazy.

“I generally am just a big basketball fan,” said Dave Denly, athletic director. “The first weekend of (March Madness) is like Christmas to me because it is just nonstop basketball.”

Everyone has that one team they would like to see take home the trophy. Around Winfield, there are a lot of Wichita natives that wanted to see Wichita State do well. Sarah Loesing, biology junior, tried to help the Shockers along by wearing the same thing.

“This March Madness I wore the same shirt for every Wichita State game day,” said Loesing.

Wichita recently lost to Notre Dame 70-81 in the Sweet 16.

There have been a lot of good close games. One of the most talked about on campus has been the Wichita State vs. Kansas University game. This was the first time since 1994 that the teams have played one another. Wichita State came out victorious with a score of 78-65, making Kansas say farewell to that title and head home.

Jenna Goscha, psychology freshman, said this game was her favorite to watch. She was in Wichita at the time of the game and described the town as being crazy with a lot of bars and restaurants packed with people trying to watch.

While a lot of people enjoy going out and watching, some prefer staying in and watching the games with family.

“I would open the house up and invite staff and people over but now I honestly just enjoy sitting and watching it with my son and daughter,” said Denly.

With only one team being able to win, many are predicting Kentucky to be the ones to take the trophy home.

“They are really good, won last year and have destroyed everyone so far,” said Goscha.

March Madness acts like a holiday to some basketball fans and serves as a good time to either cheer on your team with a big crowd, or stay at home and support your team while spending family time together.

“In general, I just like the excitement of March Madness and it is a great time of year,” said Denly.

Hanna House is a sophomore majoring in communication. You may email her at