By Alejandra Rojas
Staff reporter

A new tradition can begin in an instant and become a memorable event. The One Thing, women’s ministry, combined with MANistry, men’s ministry, and had their first Christmas party last Friday.

Megan Martin, biology senior, who is the president of TOT, said it was appropriate to combine with the MANistry because the group is only recently established.

“We were interested to see how both ministries would interact,” said Martin.

Aaron Duell, philosophy and religious studies senior, who is the president of MANistry said getting the two ministries together was a good starting point, and that the party was the best way.

Guest speaker, Matt Thompson, assistant professor of religious studies, told the tale of the nativity and the meaning of enlightenment and salvation. In addition, the ministries played board games and had a relay race, where they divided into three groups and had a chance to race and see who could dress the fastest in nativity clothing.

To close the night off the students got a chance to compete in a gingerbread house building competition. The students separated into groups. The gingerbread house didn’t have to be a gingerbread house, but the criteria, was to have a good story behind the creation. One group recreated Sonner Stadium while another group built a “Jesus Sonic.” The winners received a $10 gift certificate to Sonic, courtesy of the Student Government Association.

Verna Jokomo, history sophomore, who helped organize the event said she thought the night was a success.

“It was better than we thought it was going to be. It was fun. I liked the fellowship, and that we all could come together to enjoy ourselves in the presences of God,” said Jokomo.

Alejandra is a junior majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at