SGA members conduct a meeting with facility operators on campus.
SGA introduces the maintenance staff as the meeting transpires.
Members of the maintenance committee discuss solutions to potential concerns on campus.
The committee offers an overview of how facilities operate on a daily basis at Southwestern.
The meeting concludes with an opportunity for student engagement by means of a question and answer panel.

By Lauren Sieh
Staff reporter

Students and staff had expressed their concerns about maintenance issues during a town hall meeting Nov. 28.

The main points students and staff made were about mold, available for students, bats in Broadhurst Hall, and understaffing in the facilities area in maintenance.

SGA hosted the town hall meeting with maintenance for students and staff to ask questions to maintenance representatives about their concerns.

The maintenance representatives that attended the meeting were:

· Marvin Wilson – Supervisor over Maintenance

· Jimmy Holland – Head of Facilities

· Kristin Humphreys – Associate Vice President for Business Services

The main concerns of students and staff were mold, parking available for students, bats in Broadhurst Hall and understaffing in the facilities area of maintenance. Some students brought up wants of other students for park benches on the library lawn.

Concerning mold, Holland said that it is best to contact the maintenance crew as soon as you discover mold in your room. Holland said that the best way to prevent mold in your rooms is

airing out the bathroom after taking a shower and also opening your window, if you can, to let some fresh air in.

As for the bats in Broadhurst, Wilson said that maintenance has found where the bats were entering and have sealed the entrance and are now working to remove the bats that still remain inside.

The best way to contact maintenance is through their e-mail,

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