By Leslie Ash
Staff reporter

Headphones can be seen all over campus as students walk to classes, but the volume levels from them could be harmful.

For Sarah Jane Boyer, music senior, music makes up a big part of her life.

“Well I’m majoring in music so it’s a big part of my degree. When I’m going to class I’m listening to my iPod and when I’m doing homework I have music playing in the background,” said Boyer.

For Alissa Sheppard, communication senior, music is a part of her daily routine. “About 85 percent of my life involves music. I listen to music more in the car and on my laptop or if I’m out jogging I have my iPod,” said Sheppard.

Grahm Whitley, computer science senior, finds students walking around campus with headphones aggravating.

“I have a Zune which I use a lot, but I don’t walk around campus with my headphones in. I think that people need to pay more attention. Yeah, you’re just walking, but you still need to be aware of what’s around you,” said Whitley.

Boyer finds a way to still listen to her iPod but be aware of her surroundings.

“When I’m listening to my iPod I don’t normally have it that loud and I only have one ear bud in at a time,” said Boyer.

When listening to music at too high of a volume, temporary hearing can be damaged.

“I have had ringing in my ears from going to a concert and somewhat of hearing loss for a short period because of the loud music,” said Whitley.

For Boyer, the acoustics of a room play a major role in preparing for a concert and the loud volume of music with headphones can be harmful.

“The loud volume of music that is being played in your ears is not being spread out around the room where other things can catch it. When it’s just contained in one area like your ears it’s more intense and can be harmful to your ears,” said Boyer.

“I think that headphones can cause students to lose their hearing quicker if it’s too loud. A proper level would be where they can only hear it and others can’t,” said Jane Kaufman, campus nurse and family nurse practitioner.

Leslie Bowdich is a senior majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at

Edited by Paige Carswell.