By Kylie Stamper
Staff reporter

This year’s Smith-Wilson lecture will be presented by Rev. Dr. Jason Byassee, senior pastor at Boone United Methodist Church in Boone, NC.

Dr. Goodson, assistant professor of philosophy, said, “We look forward to having Dr. Byassee talk with the students about the importance of the intellectual life for Christian ministry, how academic work in philosophy or theology prepares one to serve as a senior pastor, and what undergraduate students ought to be thinking about as they attend a United Methodist institution.”

Byassee holds a Ph.D in theology from Duke University, he is the general editor for Christian Century, he is the author of several books.

As the anniversary of Sept. 11 approaches, Byassee will speak about how the church engages the world.

Byassee said, “The church needs to be teaching forgiveness of enemies, the love of God, and serious discipleship rather than engage in the culture wars and rely on overly used political rhetoric.”

Dr. Byassee will also speak about how as a Methodist institution, Southwestern College can be a place where the Christian faith is taught with both clarity and passion.”

He said, “Students of SC ought to seek out substantive ways to articulate their faith in pluralistic settings.”

During Byassee’s visit on Sept, 10, he will preach at 11 a.m. in Chapel and he will present a lecture at 7 p.m. in Mossman 101. He will also participate in a debate in the class Courage: The Ethics of Living and Dying.

Kylie Stamper is a sophomore majoring in communication. You may email her at