Many of the people here have come to study from a different city. The first weeks are the most difficult because there is a change from your old regular life to a new life, and you need to get used to it. Some of the changes are that you have more responsibilities, school is harder, you get to live on your own, and each day you have to make critical decisions. Besides that, one thing most people miss is the food from home. The food at campus is good, but we all know there is no food like the food our parents make.

El Maguey is a Mexican restaurant most people know of and like. I think that this restaurant offers a good variety in food and in the environment. It is a fun place to go and eat, and for me, it reminds me of home. Mexican food is my favorite because I grew up in Mexico. I love this specific kind of food. Tacos, quesadillas, burritos, and enchiladas are on the list of my favorite foods. This restaurant has a lot of food to choose from, and it tastes almost like real Mexican food.

Mexico has many national plates from handmade tortillas all the way to tamales and more complex foods. The food at the cafeteria and the nearby places is good and delicious, but there is nothing that can be compared to El Maguey. I have heard many people talk about this specific restaurant, saying positive things about it. From all the people I have heard talking about it, I have not heard a single person not liking the food. Maybe this is because all cultures in the world like Mexican food and like the way this restaurant cooks it.

The phrase “There is no place like home” is a wise phrase that I completely agree with. For me, the United States is another culture, another country I haven’t get used to. Mexico is my home country and I know it’s hard to be away from home. Some of the things you miss while being away from home are your family, your culture, your language, and your food. I think I now have filled the space of the language with the English language, since my friends on the soccer team have taught me how to pronounce some words. The culture space has been filled with American traditions, and my family is one thing that can’t be replaced. As for the food, surely it has gotten replaced. The Mexican restaurant surely deserves the title “a part of Mexico In the US.” They do a great job cooking the food and preparing it.

When I go to El Maguey I can talk in Spanish and be with people who are from my culture, traditions, and race. We Mexicans feel at home when we see another Mexican even though we don’t know him or her. The first thing is to go to them and talk and become their friend, then talk and feel comfortable and feel home. That is the way I feel when I go to El Maguey, I feel at home, not only because of the food, but also because of the language.

As soon as they talked to me in Spanish, I felt comfortable because I knew I was with people who spoke my same language and they were just like me. El Maguey is a nice restaurant that truly reminds me about home.

Angel Vadillo is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at