By Taylor Forrest
Staff reporter

Coffee. Community. Cadence.

This is what you will find if you visit College Hill Coffee this Friday evening. Mando Mamas, a local Winfield instrumental group, will be giving a live performance at College Hill Coffee beginning at 7:30 p.m. Friday evening.
The performance will consist of about an hour and a half of music. They will perform a variety of different genres including: fiddle tunes, Bluegrass, South American Chorro, and Classical.

This is not the group’s first performance at this venue, but they continue to return to play there because it is one of their favorite places to play. “We have played there four or five times, but we absolutely love playing there. It’s a small venue for a small group. It fits us perfectly,” said Becky Long, Mando Mamas member.

Mando Mamas formed as a group 14 years ago, but didn’t start performing until eight years ago. The group consists of five women and two men. “We have all been in the group since the beginning, except for our newest member, Marilyn Taylor, other than that it’s been a long time,” said Becky Winblad, Mando Mamas member.

The group grew and started from deep roots in the Winfield Bluegrass Festival, and they continue to attend this function as a group. “We camp together and just play and enjoy music. We are a big group of friends that get to experience music together,” said Diana Duncan, Mando Mamas member.

Each member of the group plays the Mandolin, although there are other instruments included in their performances. Guitars and Marimbulas are also included in the acoustic mixture.

Duncan said, “Most people have either heard or been to the Walnut Valley Festival and heard some acoustic music, but we encourage those who haven’t to come and get a little taste of acoustic and a little glimpse of what the festival is like.”

Taylor Forrest is a freshman majoring in communication. You may email her at