Avid footballs fans get excited for two things when September begins. One is the start of football season which brings along the second thing, which is the start of the fantasy football season. ESPN’s Colin Cowherd said prior to the 2009 season fantasy football has more than 27 million players who spend on average nine hours a week playing.

What is fantasy football? Participants are arranged into leagues and earn fantasy points by using the statistics of real football players. The game itself was developed from an idea of Bob Winkenbach, a limited partner with Oakland Raiders, in 1962. Serious, hardcore players have multiple teams and spend all of their free time managing their teams. Some leagues get so serious that they play for cash prizes.

I asked a store owner in Arkansas City about his fantasy football experiences. He said that has been playing the game since the decade started. One year he said he had up to 30 teams on two different websites. When asked why he felt the need for so many teams he said “I was really into fantasy football and I actually wanted to win for once. But luckily one of my teams came through or it would have been a complete waste of time.”

Not everyone is on the fantasy football train. When asking around for people who played the game I got plenty of “I don’t do that” or “That’s a complete waste of time.” There may be as many people who dislike fantasy football as people who like it. I asked a fellow student here at Southwestern what he thought of fantasy football. He said, “That is something I will never do again. It was by far the stupidest thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

Maybe fantasy football isn’t for everybody but if you are interested in playing or just want to see what it’s all about, next year you should try it out. Who knows you might just get into it.

Shayne Hummer is a freshman majoring in communications. You may e-mail him at shayne.hummer@sckans.edu.