A fan blows on an open section of the floor. This part of the Little Theatre’s floor needed to be replaced after it flooded. (Lauren Sieh/Staff photographer)

By Kaleb Vining
Staff reporter

Almost three weeks have passed since a pipe burst in the Little Theater under Christy Hall and there has been no word on how much repairs are going to cost.

Classes that were held in the Little Theater and the Richardson Performing Arts Center as well as practice for the upcoming production “Clue,” have been moved to other locations while the college continues to work on getting the damage repaired.

Amanda McKimson, registrar, was able to confirm that several classes had been moved and even provided their new locations.

New Location of Classes Previously in RPAC/Little Theater

IART231 – Theatre Across the Disciplines (10 students) Christy 206
MTHR103 – Musical Theatre Workshop (8 students) Darbeth Messenger
THTR454 – Senior Project (2 students) Dr. Joshua Robinson’s Office
THTR311 – Acting 3: Styles (6 students) Christy 206
THTR113, 213, 313, & 413 – Improvisational Acting (4 students total) Darbeth Messenger
THTR 116, 216, 316, 416 – Goal & Career Development Darbeth Messenger/Rehearsal Hall/TOMARI
THTR 122, 222, 322, 422 – Theatre Participation Darbeth Messenger/Rehearsal Hall/TOMARI
THTR129, 229, 329, 429 – Theatre Practicum Darbeth Messenger/Rehearsal Hall/TOMARI

While there is still damage being examined, most of the damage happened to the top layer of flooring in RPAC. Allyson Moon, associate professor of theatre and speech, said that the top layer of flooring has to be replaced and that it will happen soon.

One of the first signs of good fortune comes with the sprinkler system already being up and running in RPAC. However, nothing in the Little Theater has been repaired as the main priority was RPAC.

The Little Theater also has a dance floor that was damaged heavily during the flooding. It sits on top of a cement base covered in linoleum, but due to flooding the dance floor must be removed and replaced.

One of the only things left to do is check the control board for the light system, the Organ in RPAC and the sound board in the Little Theater.

“We don’t think any water dropped on the control board, but to completely check it out, and then we also have a sound board that’s down in the little theater, so that sound system needed to be entirely checked out as well,” said Moon.

The upcoming theatre production “Clue” has been pushed back from its initial debut of March 5-7 to March 12-14 due to the damage that was done to RPAC and the Little Theater.

The production of “Clue” has been moved to Messenger Auditorium.

There was also to be an improve show originally scheduled on March 12, but it has been pushed back to March 19.

“We’ve made it a campus show instead of a community show,” said Moon.

As far as being behind schedule due to moving things around and waiting on repairs, Moon said she hasn’t really felt behind schedule at all.

“I will speak for myself, but the classes that would normally be taught in the little theater, we really found ways to adapt and I don’t really feel like we’re behind,” said Moon.

Kaydee Riggs-Johnson, vice president for marketing & communications, said that the damage that was done to RPAC and the Little Theater could have been much worse had it not been for all of the helpful people who stayed overnight to deal with the burst pipe.

Now it is just a waiting game in terms of whether or not repairs to RPAC and the Little Theater will be made soon.

The main holdup has been seeing what if the damages will meet the college’s deductible before insurance can step in and cover the costs of repairs.

“We are insured for these kinds of events it’s just you know with it, just like anything else, where you have a policy, you have a deductible that you’d meet before the policy kicks in,” said Riggs-Johnson, “so we’ll just have to see what that final dollar amount is, but I do know you know they’ve made really great progress, getting RPAC put back together.”