Collegian photographer/Jonathan Woon

By Leslie Ash
Staff reporter

“Where can I park?” That is the question that many students and staff are asking when trying to find a place to park on King Drive, since the renovations on Richardson Auditorium begun on Jan. 25.

The parking lot between Christy and Darbeth is no longer accessible for parking as it is fenced off for extra work space for the auditorium, and for some this is a headache. Matt Starika, administrative assistant for the communication, computer science and English division department, has his office located in the basement of Christy. He explained that when coming into work early in the morning it is difficult to find a parking spot and the weather doesn’t help.

“I came in at eight o’clock and the parking lot was completely full. But I think we have issues along those lines that we have to deal with, fewer parking, bad weather, and so many more people are driving which would normal walk,” said Starika.

Donna Davis, financial aid administrative assistant, comes into her office on the first floor of Christy for work early in the morning and has no problem finding a parking spot, but others aren’t as lucky.

“I get here at seven or a little before and there’s already enough cars in the lot to make it difficult for anybody who comes behind me,” said Davis.

David King, computer science senior, lives off campus. He knows that when it comes to being on time for class, you can’t wait till the last minute to show.

“I haven’t been late for a class, but I’m usually here early enough, just because I know the parking is going to be bad enough, so I have compensate for that.

With the parking lot between Christy and Darbeth fenced off, the back north entrance to Christy is no longer accessible. For Katie Gomez, communication senior, the blocked off exit has changed her routine as she has classes around campus and works in the financial aid office on the first floor of Christy, just by the stairs of the fenced off parking lot.

“It’s so annoying because every time that I have class upstairs I always want to come and go back down the stairwell and I start to open door and then I have to turn around and go all the way back,” said Katie Gomez.

Many students have had to adjust to the changes in their routine, but have quickly adapted.

Richard AshFord, construction worker, for the Richardson auditorium project said, “The first day we had people walking through, but after that everyone realized to stay out.”

Leslie Ash is a senior majoring in communications. You may e-mail her at

Edited by Inger Furholt