By Emily Braudaway
Staff Reporter

The Leadership Team is responsible for setting up and organizing Freshman Work Day, Homecoming Service Project and the Isle of the Lights service project.

So what is the Leadership program and what does it entail?

Brae Wood, Director of Leadership Southwestern, said, “It’s a service-learning team, and we are committed to students’ developing through the classroom and through service work.”

There are two portions to the program. The first being the classroom part of it, where students get a minor in leadership, and they take classes with Dr. Cheryl Rude, Professor of Leadership Studies, to help learn more about what a leader does.

Rude said, “All the classes are designed to help people apply what they are learning about leadership.”

She also said it is more important how you mature and grow rather then just get an A in Into to Leadership.

The second aspect is the Leadership Team part. That is where the students apply what they have learned in the classroom and go do service projects. This helps them become servant leaders.

Delaney Clum, health science junior, and Alexa Powers, biology junior, both agreed that the trips were the best part of the program.

Their trips involve one year being in Kansas, one year in Urban U.S., one year international, and the last year doing something involved with the outdoors.

The Leadership team plans on taking a trip to New Orleans in August 2020.