By Blake Garman
Staff reporter

On August 6th, Electronic Arts Tiburon released Madden 21 with the cover athlete being 2019 National Football League Most Valuable Player, Lamar Jackson. New gameplay mechanics make this game stick out from Madden 20. With Madden 20 hardly having any differences from its prior game Madden 19, it’s easy to say that EA had to make a change.

Outside of your Exhibition, Franchise, and Ultimate Team. Something that EA innovated and brought back from Madden 20 is Superstar KO, a game mode where you can select recent Hall of Famers to play on a team against other online opponents. Personally, this game mode is really fun to play with friends, it’s easy to see why it was brought into Madden 21, and thankfully so.

Another game mode that is a noteworthy innovation from last year is Longshot, with a new story-line to play along with, this allows you to create your character and play with him through high school, college, and the NFL. Despite this sounding great, it is fairly mediocre. The only thing eye-grabbing about it is the college experience. That’s simply because we haven’t seen a college football game since NCAA 14. Seeing college teams play in a playoff setting just makes players want a college game instead of a Madden game.

 Last but most certainly not least is The Yard, this is by far the best game mode added into Madden in recent years. It is a back-yard football experience, that isn’t supposed to be realistic. That’s what makes it fun. It’s another game mode that you can squad up against your friends and play against others, with your character you create and customize. The customization gives players the ability to make their character look however they want.

To get into the nitty-gritty about the game’s mechanics, it’s easy to tell at first glance that things are far different now. The controls on this game are very dynamic on all sides of the ball. Pass rushing for example allows a player to get creative on how they want to rush and shed blockers. As for running the ball, the ability to make a highlight reel run this year can be easily done. With the new controls you can make a juke, spin, or stutter step, and even your player reaching for the first down or touchdown with the ball. However, this can be difficult to defend especially in Online Head to Head. With this new system, unless you are a skilled user, you virtually don’t stand a chance of tackling someone in open space.

 In my own opinion on this game, I believe it is an 8/10, simply because of the new game modes and mechanics that EA has created. If you are willing to go grab a copy of this game I think you won’t be making the wrong decision. You can make some good memories on this year’s Madden 21.