By Angel Vadillo and Jonathan Woon
Staff reporter

After 40 minutes of hard playing, the Moundbuilders lost the game against Tabor Bluejays. The game ended 67-64.

Michael Morales, senior forward, was the top scorer for the Moundbuilders with 20 points. Cameron Clark, freshman forward, followed with 16 points and was also the top rebounder with 16.

The Moundbuilders largest lead was by eight, and the scoreboard showed both teams tied six times.

Since the game tip-off, the Moundbuilders and Bluejays battled hard. Five minutes in the first half, the scored showed a close game. The Moundbuilders won the jump ball and were up 4-2 during the first minutes.

The Moundbuilders went to the locker rooms with a four point lead.

Second half started with both teams coming out fresh. During the first five minutes of the second period, the game was back and forth. Every time the Builders scored, the Bluejays answered. Five minutes in, both teams had 39 points.

One minute later, the Bluejays took the lead with a 3-pointer.

The game followed as it started, with both teams competing and answering each basket. Ten minutes to go, the Builders were down in the score by one.

Morales was fouled out when there was one minute left in the game. Morales’ foul gave two free throws to the Bluejays. This changed the way the Moundbuilders were planning the comeback. Taylor Johnson, freshman guard, substituted him.

Thirty seconds remaining Clark, shot the ball and missed the basket. Isaiah Thaw, senior guard, made the foul to stop the Bluejays offense. It did not work as they scored both free-throws.

The Moundbuilders were still down in the score, this time by three with 10 seconds left. Tyler Shirley, junior guard, put the ball in play to Alex Tyler, junior guard, who returned to Shirley. Shirley dashed to the opponent’s side of the court and asked for the remaining timeout.

The ball was put back to play by Shirley to freshman guard Bryan Lipsey who was trapped at the corner. The clock was still running, and the Builders had the possession. The ball bounced out-of-bounce for the Moundbuilders’ second chance to go for the 3-pointer and tie the game.

Shirley put it back on the court and attempted to take the shot when the buzzer when off and the ball bounced on the rim. It was very close, but at the end the Bluejays achieved the win.

The Moundbuilders are 6-9 in the conference. They will play their last home game of the season Feb. 9 against Ottawa Braves. This will be the last home game for seniors Morales and Thaw.

Angel Vadillo is a sophomore majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at

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